SpiceJet employee slaps CISF man on camera, airline alleges ‘sexual harassment’ | Latest India News – Advance INDIA News

SpiceJet employee slaps CISF man on camera, airline alleges ‘sexual harassment’ | Latest India News – Advance INDIA News
SpiceJet employee slaps CISF man on camera, airline alleges ‘sexual harassment’ | Latest India News – Advance INDIA News

SpiceJet Employee Arrested for Slapping CISF Officer: A Shocking Incident at Jaipur Airport

An Early Morning Altercation

In the early hours of Thursday, an unexpected confrontation took place at Jaipur Airport between a SpiceJet employee and a Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) officer. The incident, which has since gone viral, began around 4 am when Anuradha Rani, a food supervisor at SpiceJet, was stopped by Assistant Sub-Inspector Giriraj Prasad. Rani was halted for attempting to use the “vehicle gate” without a valid permit.

The Argument Escalates

As Rani was redirected to a different entrance for a security check, a heated argument ensued. Tensions quickly escalated, resulting in Rani slapping the CISF officer. This startling act led to her immediate arrest and subsequent charges under the Bharat Nyaya Sanhita (BNS). The incident has sparked widespread discussion, both online and offline.

SpiceJet’s Defense: Claims of Harassment

In response to the incident, SpiceJet issued a strong defense of their employee. The airline claimed that Rani was subjected to sexual harassment by the CISF officer. According to a spokesperson, Rani had a valid airport entry pass, and the officer used inappropriate language and made an unwelcome gesture towards her.

“An unfortunate incident took place at Jaipur Airport today involving a SpiceJet security employee and a CISF personnel. While escorting a catering vehicle at the steel gate, our security employee, who was holding a valid airport entry pass issued by the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS), India’s civil aviation safety regulator, was subjected to inappropriate and unacceptable language by the CISF personnel, who even asked her to come and meet him after her duty hours at his home,” SpiceJet said.

Legal Action and Support

SpiceJet has announced that it is taking immediate legal action against the CISF officer for alleged sexual harassment. The airline has contacted local law enforcement and is providing full support to Rani. “We strongly support our employee and are committed to providing her with all support,” the airline added.

CISF’s Perspective

Contrary to SpiceJet’s claims, a senior CISF official stated that Rani was merely asked to undergo a mandatory screening at a nearby gate designated for the airline’s crew. At that moment, no CISF personnel were available, which allegedly led Rani to become nervous and react violently. “A case has been opened against her, and she has been arrested,” the officer confirmed.

Broader Implications

This incident has brought attention to the interactions and tensions between airline staff and security personnel. It underscores the importance of clear communication and appropriate conduct in maintaining airport security and professional decorum. The investigation continues as both parties prepare for potential legal proceedings.

Related Incidents

In light of this event, it is worth noting other recent incidents involving SpiceJet and airport security. These include a Saudi Airlines flight catching fire at Peshawar airport and claims from SpiceJet passengers about being forced to sit on a non-AC flight for an hour. Each of these incidents highlights ongoing challenges and concerns within the airline industry.

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